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Brown leather cuff watch - Watch parts suppliers - Where to watch true blood online.

Brown Leather Cuff Watch

brown leather cuff watch

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Dress wristshot - Marina Militare Destro PVD Luminor

Dress wristshot - Marina Militare Destro PVD Luminor

Testing out how my current watches look as they would in a formal setting, half hidden by the cuff of my shirt and jacket.

Thanks to the XL brown leather strap the Marina Militare Destro PVD doesn't even fit under the cuff unless I open the buttons. The Destro looks makes the watch look uneven without the crown on the right to balance it out. Not really an option.

Button Up Watch

Button Up Watch

This 7 inch leather cuff inspired watch will keep you in style with it pink/brown color combo. Its so fun and light weight you may even forget you're wearing it.

brown leather cuff watch

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brown leather cuff watch

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